What we can do for you.

We work with our clients to design, build, and implement solutions to perfect their tech!

Creative solutions for all your tech needs

You deserve a partner that sweats the details, thinks outside the box, works with your budget, and delivers a solution that helps your business grow.

  • IT Services

    Like a swiss-army knife, we're versatile. For example we can help you setup a new business, rid your computer of malware, and help you improve the security of your network. Our talent is being able to understand your needs and translate them into custom-tailored solutions that exceed your expectations. Whether you have existing IT support or you're starting from scratch...we've got you covered.

  • Business Strategy

    The cornerstone to any good project is understanding your business, its goals, and designing IT strategies that help you achieve results. We'll start by getting a clear view of your business and then blend it with our IT-know how. The result will be a solid strategy for both planning and implementing your next project.

  • Web Design

    We don't see your website as just another tool, we see it as an extension of your business. When creating the design, we take into consideration everything from the navigation, to the call to actions, right down to the last pixel of the design. We make sure your website is designed to fit you, and your audience perfectly.

  • Web Development

    We can convert your design into a living, breathing, and clickable website. We'll adhere to web standards, make it work across browsers, and ensure it looks just like the original design. We also create custom WordPress themes and combine them with a custom-tailored control panel and the right selection of plugins to make for a beautiful website that's easy to manage.

  • Project Consulting

    Do you have a team to help guide you through the process of making the right technology choices for your project? Sometimes you need an outside perspective on your plans. There's a lot of decisions that need to be made from planning, to identifying requirements, to figuring out just how to bolt everything together. We'll provide perspective and the right advice for a successful project.

  • Ongoing Development

    We provide ongoing development support to help you make changes, evolve, and keep things polished on your website. We'll create an exact replica of your site on our servers and provide you an account so you can see the changes. That way you have an opportunity to review the updates and make sure everything is in working order before we launch them to your production website.

Don't be shy - we can help! Learn more about our rates and policies. You may also just drop us an email or call us at (412) 475-8520 to discuss your next project, learn more about our services, or explore ways we can help.

Why Choose BC?

Here's just a few reasons...

  • Passion. We love what we do.
  • Security. We think about it by default.
  • Satisfaction. We delight our customers.

Things We Love to Do

And we’re always here to help...

  • Helping a new business get off the ground with its tech platform.
  • Implementing a website that helps a business get noticed and grow.
  • Improving security on your network and computer systems.

Things We Don't Do

We can always refer you though...

  • Off-site search engine optimization
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Logo design
  • Hardware repair and parts replacement