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Warm Timber Saunas

Warm Timber designs, delivers and installs custom-built home saunas so that you can start enjoying a healthier and more relaxing life year round. Their goal is to share their love of Sauna with you by building the finest sauna available and also to pass on the culture and traditional practices of Finnish Sauna.


John Barbour always had a passion for Sauna. He enjoyed Sauna so much that he decided to open a his own business that designed, delivered, and installed custom home saunas. Before he opened his doors, he needed a professional one-page website that would knock the socks off his customers and that served as a primary vehicle for lead generation.

Since we had done some work with John before, we already had some background information about his business. So we worked with him to design, develop, and launch a fully responsive website for his business that described his services, explained how they do it, and made it easy for customers to ask questions or request a quote for a home sauna.


We helped John design, develop, and launch a fully responsive website using WordPress that was perfected down to each character of every sentence. John wanted something that was professional, looked sharp, and that captured the essence of his business. It needed to emphasize the benefits of a home sauna, describe his services, and made it easy for customers to request a free quote.

To kick things off, we sat with John on his deck at home and he provided an overview of the business. He shared his passion for home saunas, identified the target audience for the business, taught us a few things about Sauna practices, and explained his vision of the website.

Logo and Photography

Since this was a new business, we didn't have a logo or photography that could be utilized so we had to start from scratch. With John's help, we acquired a logo through a logo design context at 99Designs where he received 342 design concepts from 50 different designers ending up with a logo he really loved. Then he got in touch with an exceptional photographer that we worked with previous from Brosius Photographics for all the photography on the website.

Website Design

Next was the website design. Because it was a one-page design, we needed to find the optimal way to condense a lot of information into a single page and make it easy to navigate. Even more important, we needed to ensure we emphasized the primary call to action, which was to request a quote, so that it would help him generate leads.

When creating the design, we maintained a static navigation at the top making it easy for the user to use the navigation to progress down the screen. We also utilized fly-in windows for requesting a quote and exploring the benefits of a home sauna. After a few revisions to the design, we began development on the website and conducted thorough testing to make sure it worked across different platforms, browsers, and devices.


The result was a fully responsive website with stunning photography and a great logo. John was extremely excited to launch the new website, but we didn't do that for him. Instead, we set things up so he and his wife Katie could click the button that made the website go live. We continue to provide ongoing support for his website.

Building a new company is an all consuming task and Branded Clever didn't just help us build it, they worked side-by-side with us to bring it to life. What makes Branded Clever so effective is their ability to understand our business needs and not just focus on the technical aspects of our project. By the time our website was launched I felt that Branded Clever knew our business almost as well as we do.

John Barbour | Warm Timber Saunas

Case Studies

From our clients

When opening my new fitness studio, I realized how important our website would be to prospective clients. Branded Clever helped us create a beautiful website quickly and was professional, creative, and most of all, kept the project in budget.

Martin Potoczny | PowerFit Pittsburgh