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Power Fit Pittsburgh

Power Fit Pittsburgh is a fitness training studio located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Shadyside on Walnut Street. They specialize in accelerated personal training using the Power Plate’s advanced vibration technology.


Martin Potoczny was preparing to open the doors to his new Power Fit Pittsburgh fitness studio and needed to have a website created to meet his launch date. He wanted a high quality design, but only had a few weeks to get it done.

We were asked to help Martin develop and launch a website for his new business so that he could promote his services on opening day.


We helped Martin design, develop, and launch a website using a customized WordPress theme. Martin was looking for a design that was simple, straightforward, and cost-effective. He already had the logo, colors, and look for company and needed a website that put it all together.

First, we helped him select a theme that was consistent with the company's branding. Then we helped him develop and integrate all the content and graphics for the website. During development, we made several customizations upon request and added a few plugins to integrate Twitter and improve security.

We launched the website in time for opening day and Martin was thrilled with the final product. After the launch, we provided a WordPress training session to teach Martin how to operate and maintain his new website.

In the final weeks leading to the opening of my new fitness studio, I realized how important our website would be to prospective clients. We simply had to have something that evoked the look and feel of our beautiful space. I called Branded Clever and within 3 weeks we had a beautiful and functional website up and running before our launch date. Every step of they way the Branded Cleaver team was professional, creative, efficient and most of all kept the project in budget.

Martin Potoczny | Power Fit Pittsburgh

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My laptop was infected with a virus. I called Branded Clever and they took the computer that night to begin work. The personal attention and the computer safety education made Branded Clever a great value. I would definitely use Branded Clever in the future and recommend them to others.

Kaitlin Moran | Home User