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BRN Fitness and Coffee House

A fitness training studio located in Pittsburgh that needed help redesigning their website from the ground up to make it pixel perfect.


Dan Butera opened the doors to BRN Fitness and Coffee House in February 2011. He setup a basic website, but was looking for something that was more professional, promoted an inviting fitness training environment, and allowed him to conveniently make updates to the website when needed.

We were hired to design, develop, and launch a new website for his business that contained photos and videos, had a modern style that suited his business, and allowed him to manage the content on his own without the hassle of having to fiddle with HTML.


We helped Dan design, develop, and launch a website using a WordPress theme we developed from scratch. Dan wanted a design that was professional, clean, and welcoming with bright colors that incorporated his existing brand and logo. It needed to provide information about the fitness training studio and enable an easy way to post blogs and fitness training videos. Dan also wanted potential customers to be able to easily schedule appointments and get in touch with the business should they have any questions.

First, we sat down with Dan to understand his business inside and out. Among many things, this helped us learn about his different services and primary audience for the website. Then we used that information to prepare a design brief, site map, and wireframes, which were like the blueprint for his website. Once we had that, we took the wireframes and brought them to life in pixel perfect mockups.

Next, we thought long and hard about how we could make it easy for him to manage content on the website. We developed custom sections that allowed him to easily manage his case studies, testimonials, events, and videos through the WordPress admin console. We also made it easy for customers to schedule an appointment by integrating an appointment sign up form into nearly every page of the website. Finally, we conducted thorough testing to make sure everything worked across different platforms, browsers, and according to specification.

The result was a shiny new version of the BRN Fitness and Coffee House website that highlights Dan's fitness training services and has a design that is very suitable for his type of business. Dan was very excited to launch the new website and he received plenty of positive feedback as soon as it launched. We continue to provide ongoing support for his website.

Branded Clever was very thorough throughout the whole process of designing my company's website. They are very easy going to work with, yet specific to the point of perfection. BRN Fitness could not have asked for anything better.

Dan Butera | BRN Fitness and Coffee House

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It is always a pleasure to work with Branded Clever because they are responsive and really care about the success of our business. I wish all of our service providers were as professional as Branded Clever.

John Barbour | Warm Timber