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Orientations, Inc.

Orientations, Inc. is a leader in providing world-class destination services to help individuals and families relocate to the Far East. With operations in more than 15 countries and more than 30 years of experience, Orientations is the first choice for companies wanting the highest level of personalized service for their international assignees.


Beverly is recognized as a pioneer in the Mobility Industry and the founder of The International Relocation Associates (TIRA). She was looking to expand her professional destination services business to include major metropolitan areas into the United States, Europe, and Latin America. Prior to the launch, she needed to upgrade her home office, rethink her daily operations, update her company's website, and ensure she had the necessary technology solutions in place that would help her and her staff located across the globe communicate effectively.

We were commissioned by Beverly to help her migrate her home office to the Macintosh platform, update her website, design stationary, develop business processes, and implement a series of web-based services that would streamline her operations and require minimal operation and maintenance.


We helped Orientations, Inc. implement an IT platform that ensured they would be able to effectively communicate across the globe and had a standard set of business processes and templates.

First, we focused on Beverly's home office. We designed a home office solution that was completely wireless with automatic data synchronization across all devices and that automatically backed up her data wirelessly. Once we had everything setup, we migrated all her data from her rusty old laptop to a shiny new Macbook Pro and provided some hands-on training to help her get started with using the Mac.

Next, we moved onto her business by updating her website and implementing Google Apps for Business as her company's online collaboration system. After these pieces were in place, we worked with her team to build a series of business processes, web forms, and professional document templates that streamlined daily operations and enabled correspondance with their customers.

The result was a brand new home office fueled by the Macintosh platform and a series of collaboration tools that help Beverly and her global team provide a world-class destination relocation service.

Branded Clever created a portfolio of documents, along with processes, that allowed our on-boarding of new personnel to be managed in a professional, compliant manner.

Beverly Mayhew | Orientations, Inc.

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Having Branded Clever on my team has been invaluable. They are consistently responsive and very good at walking me through the troubleshooting process using language that is easy to understand. I would highly recommend Branded Clever to anyone who is looking for ongoing computer assistance.

Jodi Eisner | Method 2 the Madness