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True North Outdoor School

True North Outdoor School provides professional instruction in wilderness survival, map and compass navigation, wilderness medicine, outdoor leadership, and paddlesports.


Erik Kulick has always had a passion for the outdoors and used his almost thirty years of teaching experience to found True North Wilderness Survival School in 2011. Prior to the launch, Erik needed to upgrade his home office, create an identity package, and launch a website for his wilderness survival school.

We were hired by Erik to help him migrate his home office to the Macintosh platform, build him a one-of-a-kind website, and create an identity package for his new business.


We helped Erik design, develop, and launch a website using a customized WordPress theme. Erik wanted a design that felt like the outdoors and differentiated him from other wilderness survival school websites.

First, we helped Erik select and customize a theme that had all the bells and whistles needed to completely customize the design of the website. We created backgrounds for the header and footer that conveyed a sense of the outdoors and wilderness and implemented a slider on the homepage that highlighted his most popular courses. We also added his list of upcoming courses to the footer so that users were never more than one click away from registering.

Next, we recognized that Erik would need a way to manage course listings and registration. We implemented and configured the Events Manager WordPress plugin to make it possible for users to easily register for courses and allow Erik to conveniently manage registrations. And last, but not least, we added customer testimonials that could really showcase the experiences previous students had with Erik and his instructors.

Not only did we help Erik with his website, but we also helped him migrate his home office to the Macintosh platform, collaborated with a grahpics designer to create his logo, and developed business cards, mailing labels, and document templates with his branding.

The result was a one-of-a-kind website that instills a sense of the outdoors and makes it easy for users to learn more about courses and register for them once they are ready. Erik was very excited to launch the website and he received positive feedback almost instantaneously from his friends, colleagues, and website visitors on the design. We continue to provide ongoing support for his website.

Branded Clever worked with us to build our total internet presence. First, Damon worked with us to pick a basic platform on which we could build a custom website. From there, he worked with us to create and mold our content in such as way as to not only interest our potential clients, but also to allow them to better interact with us on-line. In turn, Damon provided great ideas and suggestions throughout the process. Best of all, we see Branded Clever as a continuing partner as we grow.

Erik Kulick | True North Outdoor School

Case Studies

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Branded Clever was very thorough throughout the whole process of designing my company’s website. They are very easy going to work with, yet specific to the point of perfection. BRN Fitness could not have asked for anything better.

Dan Butera | BRN Fitness