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InterGen Advisors

InterGen Advisors is a family-owned small business that provides financial planning, management, and investment services to individuals, families, and businesses.


John and Sean Barbour have been in the financial services business for several years. As with many financial service companies, they maintain a relationship with a brokerage firm. As an effort to improve branch office security, their brokerage firm initiated a project that required InterGen Advisors to implement a robust information security program.

We were hired to help Intergen Advisors develop and implement the information security program to ensure compliance with their brokerage firm's requirements. This included developing the policy, tailoring it to Intergen Advisor's environment, and implementing all the IT security controls to bolster the security of their network and systems.


We helped InterGen Advisors develop and implement an information security program from soup-to-nuts.

First, we reviewed the baseline policy template provided by the brokerage firm and helped provide perspective as to the scope of the project. Next, we revised the policy to custom-tailor it to the InterGen Advisors business environment. Once the policy was written, we proceeded to implement it and ensure that everything worked just the way it should.

Finally, we developed an Information Security Program Workbook that simplified compliance management and helped John and Sean streamline the process of performing recurring tasks.

John and Sean were very pleased with the results of the project.

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Working with Brandon Clever was a an absolute breeze. I’m a filmmaker so I tend to be all over the place with ideas as our process in editing a film can be very organic and lengthy. Somehow Damon was able to keep track of all of it. And in the end narrow me down to exactly what was working best. Words can not describe how thankful I am for his ability to channel my creative mania into something coherent!

John Chester | Chester Films