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Dinosaur Studios

Dinosaur Studios is a family-owned small business that specializes in high quality, affordable videography for your event. They were established in 1987 and provide videography services for weddings, commercial productions, and other events.


Darryl and Raylene Boots have been producing amazing videos for decades. Despite this vast amount of experience, they had never established an online presence. Rather, most of their business resulted from word of mouth referrals.

We were commissioned to help them design a new logo and create the very first website for their business that would allow them to showcase their work and market their services to potential customers.


We helped Darryl and Raylene from start to finish with a logo and website.

First, we created a 99 Designs logo contest that resulted in 438 entries submitted from 34 different designers. Next we created design mockups to get every last detail of the design just perfect. Finally, we took the designs and carved them up into a WordPress theme and built a control panel that would allow them to manage nearly all aspects of the website.

As a bonus, we added some custom code based on a tip from Square Girl to get the videos working on the iPhone and iPad using HTML5.

Darryl and Raylene were extremely pleased with the results and couldn't wait to tell their friends and family. Once the website was launched, we developed a self-service website guide that provided all the information they needed to manage the website on their own.

Shawna and Damon really made us feel good about the whole process. We are quite the novices with computers and they knew that and went out of their way to make it easy for us to be involved and understand everything.

We could not be any more thrilled with the job Branded Clever has done for us. Their professionalism and easy going demeanor made for a wonderful experience and one kick-butt website!

Darryl Boots | Dinosaur Studios

Case Studies

From our clients

The order exhibited in Branded Clever’s own website is a reflection of the exceptional service and attention to detail that this company provides. Damon Morda and his team exhibited exceptional professionalism, creativity and commitment.

I would highly recommend their services to any business small or large.

Molly Chester | Organic Spark