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Solution Concrete

Solution Concrete is a concrete construction company that also provides excavation and landscaping services and is located in Reading, Pennsylvania. They offer a variety of services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Whether you are building a new addition to your home or simply need a professionally installed sidewalk, they bring three generations worth of craftsmanship, knowledge, and experience to their clients.


Justin Radwanski, owner of Solution Concrete, is a third-generation construction professional. Originally established in 2004, Solution Concrete had created a static website that contained basic information about the company. Justin wanted to give the existing website a fresh look and feel to better market the company's services.

We were asked to help Justin re-design his website to better showcase their work and market their services to potential customers.


We helped Justin rebuild the website for his business from the ground up using a customized WordPress theme.

Justin wanted a design that was clean and had a more modern design. So first, we worked with Justin to identify a WordPress theme that matched his company's branding and had the style he was looking for. Then we customized it to add scrolling testimonials and a other user interface improvements that would help better market the company's services. Finally, we performed all content and graphics development to prepare the site for launch.

The result was a brand new WordPress website that provides a convenient way to manage the content and better showcases the company's work. Justin was very pleased with the results and we continue to provide ongoing support for his website.

Branded Clever did a superior job designing, launching, and regularly updating my website. From the very beginning to the present time every question and request has been fulfilled in a professional and timely manner. The display of knowledge and professionalism that I have seen from the start is hard to find. I firmly believe that Branded Clever is able to effectively manage and address any and all types of websites for any type of business.

I will certainly continue to use Branded Clever in the future for all my website needs. I will also continue to recommend them to anyone in need of a professionally, well constructed website at a very reasonable price. Many clients comment on how good the website looks, how informative it is and how simple and easy it is to navigate themselves throughout it.

Justin Radwanski | Solution Concrete

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It is always a pleasure to work with Branded Clever because they are responsive and really care about the success of our business. I wish all of our service providers were as professional as Branded Clever.

John Barbour | Warm Timber