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Organic Spark

Organic Spark is a Traditional Foods Blog written by Molly Chester that explores the culinary techniques of fermentation, pastured animals, raw dairy and more.


Molly Chester is a traditional foods chef that runs her own business and creates amazing recipes from only the most organic of foods. She had been using for her blog, but decided she needed something more robust.

We were hired to design, develop, and launch a new website for her business that contained more content, had a traditional style that suited her business, and allowed her to manage the content on her own without having to be an HTML guru.


We helped Molly design, develop, and launch a website using a highly customized WordPress theme. Molly wanted a design that evoked a certain sense of traditionalism and felt earthy. She had the logo already and a clear set of goals she wanted to achieve with the website.

First, we had to transition all of her content into WordPress. Then we helped Molly select and customize a theme that was consistent with the design style she wanted for the website. We added a new background, tweaked the layout, developed several custom widgets, and added a few plugins to integrate Facebook and improve security. Last, but not least, we helped her integrate a newsletter into the footer of her website using Mailchimp.

The result was a brand new version of the Organic Spark website that included all her previous posts and that had a fresh style that really connected with her audience. Molly was extremely pleased with the results and she received positive feedback from her website visitors on the new look and feel. We continue to provide ongoing support for her website.

Much like embarking on a home renovation, website renovation or development requires incredible attention to detail in order to achieve a beautiful end result. With Branded Clever, I found the guidance I needed to enjoy the process and an expertise that made my dreams into an even greater reality.

Many tech-savvy people stumble when switching into a creative space, and I found just the opposite when working with Damon Morda. He knew how to offer suggestions in a way that complimented and enhanced my ideas without overreaching. The whole experience exceeded my expectations!

Molly Chester | Organic Spark

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