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Eisner Law Firm

Eisner Law is a small business that provides clients with a range of personalized legal services designed to help them save money and meet your needs based on the situation. They specialize in business law, health care law, franchise law, estate planning and administration, alternative dispute resolution, and real estate.


Ken has been practicing law since 1984. He decided to take his passion for the law and open his own firm, Eisner Law. Prior to launching his business, Ken needed to figure out his technology requirements, find a way to promote his business, and ensure he had the necessary infrastructure, security, and business applications to hit the ground running when he opened his doors.

We were commissioned by Ken to help him launch a website, identify technology needs, and implement an IT platform that would streamline his operations and require minimal operation and maintenance.


We helped Eisner Law identify requirements, build a website, and implement an IT platform complete with remote access just in time for their official launch.

First, we met with Ken and his office manager, Nicole, to determine their needs. We took the lead to purchase all the software and hardware needed and developed a plan for getting things setup. Then we helped them create the first version of their website using an off-the-shelf WordPress theme and customized it to meet their needs. To help them maintain the site on their own, we provided WordPress 101 training.

Once the "tech" arrived, we built the network following security best practices including full disk encryption and a secure remote access solution. We implemented a solution for enterprise services including email, calendaring, file storage, and contact management. Finally, we tested to make sure everything worked the way it should, launched the website, and flipped the switch from testing to production.

Ken and Nicole were able to hit the ground running and today we continue to help them get the most out of their technology.

As a start up, we not only needed tech support, but also a project manager for the implementation of the IT. Branded Clever, with our input, created a game plan, which included a timeline, a needs analysis, a cost analysis, and a delegation of each person’s responsibilities. Branded Clever kept everyone on task, responding to each of our inquiries. We opened without a hitch, with our entire IT in place…without the stress. Bravo to Branded Clever.

Ken Eisner | Eisner Law Firm

Case Studies

From our clients

Branded Clever constructed a very functional, intuitive, and cosmetically superb website. They were also very helpful with all the editing of our website’s content and layout. We were very happy with the work they did for us and the relationship we have now built with them.

Bill Ferrari | Liberty Welding