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Restorations Physical Therapy

Restorations Physical Therapy provides a wide range of physical therapy services including surgical rehabilitation, recovery from sports injuries or other injuries, and pain management. They are located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh and take pride in providing outstanding treatment in a welcoming, patient-centered environment.


Annie Hahn opened Restorations Physical Therapy in March of 2011. She and her husband Adam setup a basic website, but they were looking for something more professional that highlighted the patient-oriented, attentive, and friendly personality of the business.

We were hired to design, develop, and launch a new website for their business that described their services, shared case studies from other patients, and allowed them to manage content on their own without having to be an HTML expert.


We helped Annie and Adam design, develop, and launch a beautiful new website using WordPress with every aspect of the website customized to the nature of their business. They wanted a design that was professional, clean, and welcoming with bright colors that incorporated their existing brand and logo. It needed to provide information about their physical therapy services, feature case studies, and provide an easy way to manage content. They also wanted to make it convenient for customers to schedule appointments or contact them with questions.

First, we sat down with Annie and Adam to understand what made their business tick. They shared stories about how the business started, why they were so passionate about it, and described their vision of the new website. We discussed the physical therapy services they offered, their target audience, and key features the website should provide. Then we used that information to prepare a design brief, site map, and wireframes, which were like the blueprint for their website. Once we had that, we took the wireframes and brought them to life in pixel perfect mockups.

Next, we explored ways we could make it easy to manage content on the website. We developed custom sections that allowed them to easily manage their case studies, testimonials, team biographies through the WordPress admin console. We also made it easy for customers to schedule an appointment by integrating an appointment sign up form into nearly every page of the website. Finally, we conducted thorough testing to make sure everything worked across different platforms, browsers, and according to specification.

The result was a brand new version of the Restorations PT website that highlights their physical therapy services, shares stories from their patients, and has a design that expresses the spirit of their business. Annie and Adam were very excited to launch the new website and they received plenty of positive feedback as soon as it launched. We continue to provide ongoing support for their website.

We worked with Branded Clever to design a totally new website from scratch. They really set the bar for how projects like this should be managed. All goals and expectations were laid out to us in the beginning and they delivered on everything they committed to, on time. Information was communicated to us on a regular basis and we got a website that exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend Branded Clever to anyone looking for IT support or web development. A+!

Adam Hahn | Restorations Physical Therapy

Case Studies

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My laptop was infected with a virus. I called Branded Clever and they took the computer that night to begin work. The personal attention and the computer safety education made Branded Clever a great value. I would definitely use Branded Clever in the future and recommend them to others.

Kaitlin Moran | Home User