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Welcoming the New Year

Posted on December 31st, 2010 by Damon Morda

Introducing the completely re-designed Branded Clever website! Built from the ground up and forged by an army of savvy gnomes over the course of the last few months, we’ve taken great care in every pixel of the design. Some might say we are obsessed with good design, we just think it’s built into our DNA.

When we originally launched the company back in 2008, we put together a one-page website that provided basic information about us. It wasn’t our best work, but it had to suffice as we began to help our customers. With two successful years under our belt, we decided to take a 2-month break on projects to focus on developing a brand new version of our website.

The goal with the new design was to improve the interface, better describe our services, provide examples of how we can help, and give the website some more personality. When building the website, we followed the same process we use when working with customers. First we identified our requirements, then we built a sitemap, created a few wireframes, several concept designs, and finally developed a WordPress theme from scratch to meet our exact needs and take advantage of all of the WordPress 3.0 features. Hoo rah!

As you can see, the site evolved tremendously since the original concept design. We received a plethora of design feedback from friends, customers, and family and are grateful for your input. As with any website, we expect their to be a few bugs to work out. As always, we greatly appreciate any feedback on the new website and you can easily reach us through email, on Twitter, or through Facebook.

Have a Happy New Year!

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